What is vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a narrowing of the vagina that causes discomfort, burning, pain, penetration problems, or the inability to have sexual intercourse at all.


Vaginismus is a condition in which involuntary spasm of the vagina occurs during intercourse due to involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina. The woman does not directly control the spasm and does not ‘want’ it to happen; it is an involuntary reaction of the pelvis. The woman may not even realize that it is the muscle reaction that causes narrowing or the penetration problem.

In some cases, vaginal spasm may cause burning, pain during sexual intercourse. Penetration may be difficult or completely impossible in other cases. Vaginismus is the main cause of incomplete marriages nowadays

Types of vaginismus

Primary  vaginismus:

If a woman has never had pain-free intercourse because of this muscle spasm. Some women with primary vaginismus are unable to complete a gynecological examination. Many couples are unable to complete their relationship due to the vaginismus.

Secondary vaginismus:

The woman had previously had complete sexual intercourse before without  pain, but there are  new factors that led to pain and rejection of the relationship, such as vaginal infections and menopause.

In our clinic we offer special program to treat these cases:

This program includes:

  • Couple evaluation session
  • A psychological session to find out the exact causes of this problem
  • Oral drugs treatment
  • In difficult cases, we may undergo minor surgeries
  • We offer exercise programs and strengthening sessions to relax the pelvic muscles

This program is considered the first of its kind in the Middle East to combat and treat this disease, which has spread among the women of the Arab world without talking about them.

This operation is an important treatment for sexual frigidity and loss of pleasure at the time of sexual intercourse.
Many women have suffered from normal vaginal delivery in a wrong way or others who had repeated natural births and subjected to a fearful vaginal incision which cause vaginal widening leads to the loss of sexual pleasure for both husband and wife.
We present this cosmetic surgery that restores the vagina to its original and natural form to restore a comfortable marital relationship

Who are the patients candidates for these operations ?
-Who suffer from the over length of the labia which leads to redness and itching over the area and feeling discomfort when practicing sexual intercourse.


1- Repair any disfigurement in the area either congenitally or from previous delivery
2- fix the dilatation and elongation resulting from repeated delivery.
3- reduction of the excess fat in the pubic area.
4- labial augmentation
5- labial reduction
6-augmentation of labia majora by injection of fat

we usually do these operations for women who lost weight significantly which led to Sagging in the region or with aging which leads to reduce the thickness of the region . These operations are done by taking fat from other parts of the body such as pubic area or the abdomen, and reinjection and distribution in this region.

– Augmentation of the labia majora
This operation aims to improve the external appearance and restore her femininity.

From Where the fat is obtained ? –

From places where the fat is mostly accumulated in the body, such as the buttocks and the abdominal fat , but it is necessary to transport amount of fat more than desired because (70_50)% of the fat transferred remains in place and the rest is re-absorbed.

– How long does the operation take?
It usually takes 30 minutes, and it is done under cover of antibiotic to avoid infection.

– Symptoms may occur after surgery:
The region may be edematous and painful , loss of sensation in the area, this lasts for a few days , but the edema needs more longer time to recover , most propably recover within a week.

When should I return for daily activity naturally?-
within 3 days , but avoid activities which lead to friction such as riding a bike, you can return to your sexual life after (3-4) weeks

– When can I observe the final result of the operation?
during the first few days , the patient can notice the difference and the final result will be after one month.

Reduction of the size of the Labia

contraindication of this surgery:
– any lesion in the genitalia such as inflammation or cancer

Which woman needs to do these operations?
1- the woman has congenital anomaly in the region
2- cases which have mixed male and female genital sex organ
3-Damage caused by birth
4- aging or after accidents

There are several ways to do these operations :
– removal of the folds by cutting and then re- stitching them
– complete removal of the region and reconstruction
– by LASER

-Symptoms after surgery :
1- mild pain which may need analgesics
2- no need for antibiotics
3-edema may occur
4- haematoma may occur also

– Advantages of this surgery:
1- no need to remove stitches as they are absorbable
2- you may return to your sexual activities after 4 weeks
3- you can take bath and return to your daily activities on the second day

The goal of these operations is to reduce the fat accumulated in the pubic area , it can be performed under local or general anaesthesia, and it takes around an hour.
The fat is removed by using the same tools which are used in liposuction from other parts of the body
After the fat is withdrawn, the incisions are closed by absorbable surgical sutures that dissolve on their own and usually leave a very small and painless scar.
Personal hygiene is very important so you must take a bath daily and clean the area and sterilize it twice daily.
You should abstain from sexual intercourse for 6 weeks after the surgery
The pubic area and the female genital area consisting of the labia majora , which has a sexual function, protect the clitoris the most sensitive part of the body, urethral meatus and the vaginal opening.
Increasing the fat of the pubic area affect its function and cause difficulty in keeping it clean
Thus its repair leads to increase in your self confidence in sexual relationship of both husband and wife .

The female genital area is one of the areas that most needs care, as it is not only responsible for reproduction, but also for the sexual emotional relationship, which leads to the promotion of self-confidence

clitoral plastic surgery

Females who have the problem of the redundant skin located over the area of clitoris which sometimes leads to increase the size of this area, usually suffering from irritation from the clothes or during sexual intercourse and sometimes they have a problem in the management of even exercise. The aim of these operations to the female is re-confidence , especially sexual and emotional confidence.
These operations are done by removal of the folds of the excess skin and lifting the clitoris which also helps to reach orgasm especially in women depending on the clitoris to reach orgasm.

What I have to do after surgery ?

The cleanliness is very necessary and she needs to clean the area and disinfect it after each bathing.
local analgesics may be helpful
using local antibiotic daily

G spot augmentation.
This procedure is considered a revolution in the sexual health field, as it improves the women sexual desire and sexual pleasure.
The G spot is considered a confusing issue for the scientists worldwide, specially the anatomists.as this area is responsible for reaching orgasm in women.
We found that women who complain of sexual frigidity, and repeated vaginal delivery have atrophy in the G spot
As we respect this complaint, we provide this service for women all over the arab countries , and the procedure just takes 15 minutes to augment this area which leads to improvement in its nerve endings and enjoying sexual intercourse and eliminate sexual frigidity.