Delivery :-

We love our pregnant women in an unprecedented way, and Dr. Al-Banna considers that every fetus following him as her son, and therefore we surround our pregnant women with unprecedented and high care.-programming of Pregnancy starts when the couples is planning to get pregnancy till enjoy a healthy fetus and this begins by giving specialized dietary advice and a set of important drugs in the formation of the fetus and protecting the mother from various pregnancy risks such as (HTN _ diabetes) and various diseases that coincide with the pregnancy.

If the mother is getting pregnancy, her regular visit begins with the centers of Dr. Wael Al-Banna, in which all the work team gives the necessary medical advice throughout the pregnancy and Giving a complete file and a general steps to the mother explaining her periodic advice that coincides with the period of her pregnancy and this papers contains a set of points, tests and important analyzes in her throughout the pregnancy and her follow-up. (BABY BOOK), which is a photo album of four-dimensional that Dr. Al-Banna is carrying out to the fetus from the beginning of fetal formation till the time of his delivery, and giving this album to the mother who will represent the memory of this fetus in his life.
Then we reach the end stage, which is childbirth, in which the woman resides before:

1-An anesthesia consultant who conducts an awareness session and chooses the type of anesthesia appropriate for a pregnant woman, according to her health and fetal health.
2-A session with a surgical consultant if the pregnant woman wants to do a tummy tuck and remove fat with pregnancy
3-A session with Dr. Wael Al-Banna to explain the stages of normal or . . . cesarean delivery with the staff at the center.
4-An educational session for the husband if he chooses to attend the birth

All that we offer in maternity programs after we have previously will raise the curative service provided to women in the Arab world