In utero fetal surgery for spina bifida repair

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful”
Steps of open fetal surgery to repair a defect on fetal spine ( Spina Bifida in utero )
1 opening mother tummy ( skin , fat and muscles ) exposing the womb .
2 fetal manipulation to correct his postion to draw back of the fetus facing upwards for facilitation of the work of neurosurgery team.
3 localization of area has to opened then drainage of fluid around the fetus slowly with a special technique then entering the womb using bloodless techniques and fetal membrane fixation .
4 repairing the spine defect and protecting the spinal cord by neurosurgeons while continuous monitoring of the fetus .
5 putting the fetus back to the womb then repairing the defect and infuse the amniotic fluid back to the womb then closure of the abdominal wall .
Special respect for all the mothers around the globe .
Special thanks to :
Consultant of pediatrics and neonatology Dr. Medhat el Zayat
Neurosurgeons consultants :
Dr .Ihab el refaay
Dr . Mohamed Fathalla
Anathesia consultant :
Dr . Amr Kamal
Obstetrics team :
Dr Manal el hennawi
Dr Eslam Fathy
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